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0222Ó Ogniochron Manometer 2 kg powder extinguisher ABC powderextinguisher 13A 89BC fire rating

0222Ó Ogniochron Manometer 2 kg powder extinguisher ABC powderextinguisher 13A 89BC fire rating
Product number: OP2-R
Weight: 4 kg
4 172 HUF
0.0 Rating
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The price is unit price. Product/pcs

The price is valid only if you buy minimum 1 pallet from this product.

1 pallet contains altogether 180 pcs 2 kg powder extinguisher.

Total weight of 1 pallet (including the pallet too): 750 kg.


Netto price: 670.865 Ft HUF Brutto price: 852.000 Ft HUF


Payment conditions: Bank transfer (Proforma Invoice)


In connection with the transport cost calculation, please contact with our administrator.


The goods can be loaded in our warehouse and our seat, in Szekszárd.


The price doesn't contain the price of the pallet (netto 3.500 Ft HUF)


The price doesn’t include the validation of the products.


If required, validation can be requested, price is: netto 100 Ft HUF/pieces



Powder extinguisher with manometer!

This product suit to stop initial, small size, A B C fire rating fires.


A fire department: Fire of solid substances, usually of organic origin, which burn with flame and / or burns (e.g. wood, paper, carbon, straw)


B fire department: Fire of liquid, liquid solids (melts) materials


C fire department: Fire of combustible gases. Extinguishing fire in live equipment up to 1000 V.




Production is in Poland, not in China.


Ogniochron company has found the way out of Chinese manufacturers. The price-value ratio of this fire extinguisher is inaccessible, component prices and maintenance costs are well below the market price.

Best choice for fire extinguishers. We claim it based on more than 40 years of experience.


Can be used for extinguishing of electric devices up to 1000 V.

We suggest into households, garages, cars etc. and for everyone who wants to save yourselves and your values too.

The extinguisher isn't once used.

It can be refill, repairable but only with materials and parts specified by the manufacturer.

Please read all the information about the products to can ascertain you need the choosed one, if you aren't sure in connection with the decision, don't hesitate to contact our colleagues on the stated phone numbers.


Vaccine technical guide:


Can be used for extinguishing of electric devices up to 1000 V – Keep the distance min. 1 meter.

Extinguishing position from the wind, extinguishing the fire with a sweeping motion.

The device can be operated intermittently.


Technical data:


Producer: K.Z.W.M Ogniochron S.A.

Type: A, B,C powder extinguisher

Weight of extinguishing agent: 2 kg

Extinguishing efficiency: 13A 89 BC

Certificate: MPA Dresden BmbH SP 85/13

Operating temperature: -30 C/ +60 C

Operation time: 9 sec.



Occupational Health: Avoid contact of the powder with the eyes and mucous membranes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.



Can be used for extinguishing of electric devices up to 1000 V – Keep the distance min. 1 meter.

Don't tap, expose to radiant heat, or throw into fire!

The device is not a toy and must not be placed in the hands of small children and must not be used.

We do not take responsibility for any damage caused by the vaccination!


Request the help of our colleagues!



Refill fire extinguisher after each using. Maintenance can be made only with the repairing technology by the manufacturer, please contact Praktika Fire Safety Company.


Standby shelf life is 20 years.

If you don’t know the rules and steps of maintenance, please call our customer service.


If you want, we can validate your fire extinguisher in the future too, please contact us.

The current price of validation service is netto 1800 Ft HUF anywhere in the country.


The powder extinguishers are the most popular type of fire extinguishers.

At the moment the powders – especially the ABC version – are the most effective among the vaccines. During the fire-fighting process, extinguishing powder should not be applied to the surface of the burning substance but to the flame zone.

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