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Dry riser

There is no water in the dry risers, it is only used by the firefighters in the event of a fire to bring the extinguishing water up to the top floor.
Our company undertakes the manufacture of new risers in accordance with the applicable building regulations.

Full maintenance, periodic maintenance
If you choose us as your maintenance company, you can rest your dream and secure your valuables in your home.
We carry out the required maintenance to ensure that your dry riser is operational every day of the year.
In addition to protocols and validation stickers, we perform real maintenance, bypassing valves, inspecting seals, regenerating them, cabinet cleaning and digital proof of pressure testing.
Repair, Transformation
It maintains and repairs, transforms dry risers with great expertise and experience.
Our colleagues will repair the riser line with all kinds of faults, from the irreparable titled line to the fitting replacement.
We have in stock all kinds of fittings and repair aids that make the dry riser enforceable and operational.
We carry out the complete modification of the dry risers with the permission of the authority.
Our company is committed to repairing defective dry landings throughout the country.
If you need reference work to gain your trust, please call one of our agents.

It is required to be checked every six months and maintained, every 5 years a pressure test is required. (XII.5.) BM. Our colleagues draw up a report of the work done and an inspection report.

Extract from the Regulation:

"§ 268 In the course of the review of fire-fighting springs, the person conducting the review shall in all cases

(a) examine it

(aa) the existence of signs, the correctness and integrity of fire extinguishing water springs,

(ab) the presence and legibility of the required inscriptions and markings,

(ac) availability of fire extinguishing (outdoor) springs at all times of the year, availability of fittings, proper use of fittings and accessories,

(ad) the integrity of the corrosion protection,

(b) carry it out

(ba) in the case of a fire-extinguishing water source operating from a water network, flushing the water network until the water is free from mechanical impurities; and

(bb) written notice to the operating organization in the event of any damage to the corrosion protection.

Section 269 (1) A wall fire hydrant and cabinet with a dry riser (hereinafter referred to as "dry fire water supply system") shall be inspected at least every six months and pressure tested every five years.

(2) In addition to the general tasks set out in Section 268, during the six-monthly review of a dry-fire water supply system,

(a) unobstructed access to the entry point by fire engine,

b) the presence of 2 "B" stub terminals at the dry riser feed point,

c) unobstructed access to cabinets,

(d) the proper and correct functioning of the doors,

e) the integrity and operability of the fittings,

(f) the presence in the cabinet of a fire hydrant and a mounted "C" staple and a closing cap,

(g) in the case of a cabinet-less installation, free access, the presence of shut-off valves, stub clips and cap clips; and

(h) aeration of the pipeline.

(3) In the event of shortcomings noted, the reviewer shall notify the organization in charge of the operation of the fire water source in writing, or immediately rectify the shortcoming.

(4) Unauthorized objects shall be removed from the fire cabinet by the person performing the inspection.

(5) The entire dry-fire water pipe system shall be pressure tested with water every 5 years, with a test pressure of 1.5 MPa measured at the feed nozzle, with a minimum of dripping during the pressure test.

(6) In the course of the six-monthly review of the dry-fire water supply system for the protection of cellars and inaccessible areas, the person performing the review shall, in addition to the general tasks, verify the existence and adequacy of connection options prescribed by the fire authority. "