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Fire water reservoir maintenance - repair - establishment

Our company undertakes the maintenance, repair and construction of fire water reservoirs and pools in accordance with current legislation.

We undertake the installation of new plastic, metal fire water reservoirs. Construction, production and repair of open, closed reservoirs.
Replacing old, corroded, contaminated tanks.


Fire water reservoirs:

  • desalination and sludge removal
  • protection against corrosion
  • waterproofing cracks in concrete tanks             
  • suction pipe pressure test
  • replacement of inappropriate suction pipe, installation of foot valves.

We professionally repair, maintain and build all types of fire water reservoirs.

What is important! The mobile suction line for fire water reservoirs is manufactured by our company!

We make it to the specified size, disassemble, mobile, so 5 years of maintenance is extremely simple and cost effective. Everything complies with the Hungarian Standard. We carry out the work together with a certificate of conformity, a pressure test report, a qualified welding test, all the documentation that you need to have at the official inspection.

Everything we make and repair, we have all official licenses! We subcontract only to non-specialist jobs.

Thereby, good quality is guaranteed and constantly checked, FULL WARRANTY! 5-30 years!

With references and regulatory recognition.

Ask for our unique quote on pool maintenance and construction!

Excerpt from BM 28/2011 (IX.6)




"168. Extinguishing water reservoirs

Section 447 (1) If there is no other way to ensure the extinguishing water, an independent water reservoir (basin, tank) shall be established.

(2) The holding capacity of the water reservoir shall be not less than 30 m3 and its lower level shall be not more than 7 m deeper than the ground level.

(3) The discharge point of the water reservoir shall be designed so that the fire extinguisher can be reached by a motor vehicle.

(4) The distance between the water reservoir and the free area of ​​the structure to be protected shall not exceed 200 meters. The distance shall be measured along the approach route.

(5) May be taken into account as extinguishing water

(a) the cooling tower water basin or other process water which, because of its use in fire-fighting, does not present a hazard in the process equipment,

(b) the quantity of water provided for the purposes of fire-fighting in the municipal utility water storage reservoir. A separate reservoir of less than 100 m3 for fire-extinguishing purposes shall be provided with at least one suction line for each volume of 100 m3 initiated.

Section 448 (1) The suction line shall have an internal diameter of at least NA 100 and its lower end shall be provided with a strainer and its upper horizontal end shall be provided with a standard staple A (NA 100) and cap. The suction connection must be horizontal, 0.8 meters above the ground.

(2) The suction pipes must be located at least 5 m apart.

(3) Non-seasonal natural surface waters (rivers, streams, lakes) which are not more than 200 meters from the structure to be protected may also be considered as extinguishing water. The distance shall be measured along the approach route.

(4) The point of acquisition of water shall be constructed in such a way that fire extinguishing water is accessible at all times and fire extinguishing water can be unhindered at all times, regardless of the water level.

(5) Fire-fighting water springs and their fittings and accessories shall be inspected and maintained in accordance with the relevant technical requirements. "