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Certification and quality

This is the definition we recommend most to buyers of fire extinguishers.

According to the studies of the Disaster Management Research Institute (TVL), quality differences between the Hungarian certified fire extinguishers may be possible in the accessories, but they do not affect the fire fighting ability.

The firefighting capacity (performance) is determined by the Research Institute. The conformity certification test can be 'passed' or 'failed'.
There is no one that has just passed or excelled.

Powder extinguishers operate on the classic soda siphon theory.

What does a powder extinguisher consist of? Cylinder, extinguishing powder, riser, valve, valve body, manometer, operating lever, hose, cotter pin, type designation sticker, plastic foot ring.

Ask for pricing before repairing or validating at several places.
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The distribution, installation, use and standby of fire-fighting equipment in Hungary pursuant to Act XXXI of 1996 on fire protection, technical rescue and fire brigade 13 of the Act. The Ttv. According to Section 13 para.