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Fire door components, maintenance, repair, installation

Our company has the necessary exams. We repair all types of fire doors and windows with professional work, we use factory parts and repair technology.

Our colleagues have extensive experience and knowledge in all areas.

In our experience, fire doors and windows are mostly stickered and the manufacturer's maintenance is not carried out! However, timely maintenance can prevent many problems that your wallet will immediately notice.
Our company is authorized by the manufacturer to repair and refurbish fire doors, which can save you up to half a million HUF on a double-leaf fire door, for example.
We provide valuable information on which fire doors should be installed, eg. parts supply.
We can provide full service for fire door replacement: masonry reconditioning, painting, plasterboard, sandwich panel, metal case.
Our company is committed to repairing defective dry landings throughout the country.
If you need reference work to gain your trust, please call one of our agents.

Before ordering a review somewhere, find out what the service provider has.

In case of installation, always ask for certificates of the installed materials and permits before taking over the work done.

Ask for our free survey!

Smoke and fire doors, gates, curtains should be checked monthly and documented.

Relevant provisions of the National Fire Protection Regulations issued by Decree 28/2001 (IX.6.) BM:
,, 585th (1) The automatic closing of fire doors, smoke doors, curtains shall be checked monthly. The inspection shall be recorded in writing.
(2) Deficiencies and defects found during inspection, inspection, maintenance, and measurement shall be corrected on a non-consecutive basis and the repair shall be certified in writing.