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0114Ó- Ogniochron 1 liter, White Design foam extinguisher ABF foamextinguisher

0114Ó- Ogniochron 1 liter, White Design foam extinguisher ABF foamextinguisher
Product number: OH1F
Weight: 2.3 kg
6 038 HUF
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This product suit to stop initial, small size, A B F fire rating fires.


A fire department: Fire of solid substances, usually of organic origin, which burn with flame and / or burns (e.g. wood, paper, carbon, straw)


B fire department: Fire of liquid, liquid solids (melts) materials


F fire department: Fire of oils and fats. (Vegetable and animal fats, fire of oils in deep fryer, in kitchen appliances).




Production is in Poland, not in China.


Ogniochron company has found the way out of Chinese manufacturers. The price-value ratio of this fire extinguisher is inaccessible, component prices and maintenance costs are well below the market price.

Best choice for fire extinguishers. We claim it based on more than 40 years of experience.


Thanks to its unique design, it fits perfectly into modernly furnished apartments, without having to put it in a closet, hide away from your eyes, and fit in with its surroundings.


People use foam extinguishers usually to protect such areas and technologies, where can be found highly flammable and explosive liquids or chemicals. E.g. chemical warehouses, container of flammable liquids, pump stations,airport hangars, the incinerators etc.

It can be use combinating with powder extinguishers and water sprinkler system too.



Technical data:


Producer: K.Z.W.M Ogniochron S.A.

Type: A, B,F foam extinguisher

Weight of extinguishing agent: 1 liter

Extinguishing efficiency: 3A 21B 5F

Operating temperature: -30 C/ +60 C


Can be used for extinguishing of electric devices up to 1000 KV – Keep the distance min. 1 meter.


Standby shelf life is 20 years.

If you don’t know the rules and steps of maintenance, please call our customer service.


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